Fiber Cable Internet service




Fiber Cable Internet serviceAl-Hayat delivers fast, reliable and cost-effective internet through its fiber-optic cable service to households and businesses all across Iraq. By investing millions, we have managed to secure a hassle-free internet upstream carried through an extremely resilient access network, ultimately delivering high powered internet to our customers. These are categorized as:

  • Dedicated Internet Service: This includes a Public IP, a Private IP, a PRTG Monitoring Interface as well as Antivirus System.
  • Home Internet Service: For households across the country, we provide high speed broadband services, IPTV, a special Sharebox for high speed local sharing of a diverse range of files including movies, PC programs and applications as well as an online games server.
  • Intranet Services: For our business customers, we provide wireless, fiber and air-fiber distant sites for intranet connection in all regions across Iraq. Other services include network design and LAN/WAN solutions.
  • VPN MPLS: For our government clients, we offer L1 VPN over the Al-Hayat Metro Network, L2 secure MPLS VPN which connects the branches of a work place to its headquarters through a fast, secure and reliable connection and L3 IP-VPN.
  • VOIP service
  • Transit
  • FTTx
  • Hosting service

VSAT Internet Services:These include wholesale satellite internet services VAR, VNO and business customers. Some of the services provided in this category of service include:

  • Dedicated Internet Service: Public IP, Private IP and PRTG Monitoring Interface
  • Shared Internet Service: Public IP, Private IP and PRTG Monitoring Interface
  • VOIP Service
  • Hosting Services

In order to ensure the smooth running of the entire production process; from design consultation to the integration of the system and overall lifecycle support, we engage in very close interaction with our technology and integration partners to remain abreast of any updates or obstacles that may arise. It is for this reason that we enjoy a high level of popularity amongst our clientele which include some of Iraq’s leading local businesses to government owned organizations.
Our primary focus consists of building long-term relationships based on trust and reliability. This is made possible through our drive to continuously exceed customer expectations through high quality before and after-sales services. Our team of technical experts possesses in-depth experience as well as a solid knowledge base in their respective fields. It is through their efforts that Al-Hayat attains triumph after triumph in the area of customer satisfaction.

Security Systems:Hayat provides specialized security systems that provide effective monitoring and assessment facilities all over the country. We also offer customized security and safety solutions that meet the specific requirements of our customers, however complex.
These include:

  • Access Control Systems: This includes Al-Hayat’s special Tyco Control system and other similar control systems
  • CCTV systems: These feature our Bosch CCTV, Samsung CCTV and Axis Systems, etc.
  • Fire Alarm systems: These include our Bosch Fire Alarm system and Honeywell Fire Alarm system and other similar fire alarm systems
  • Public Address systems (PAGA): Here, we offer Bosch PAGA systems and Ziztil PAGA systems and other similar systems
  • Electronic Signatures Software
  • Vehicle Tracking Systems
  • Parking and Traffic Systems
  • Vehicle Screening Systems

IT Equipment:We are the leading distributors of high quality IT equipment and computer hardware in the country. We ensure premium level service to our customers throughout our interaction with them including purchase, installation, maintenance and after sales services.
We provide a multitude of computer hardware and software including:

  • Network Equipment: These include routers and switches, servers, fiber and LAN cables, wire and wireless devices, firewall devices, fiber splicing machines and OTDR test devices
  • Laptops and Desktops: Brands include Lenovo, HP, Dell, ASUS, etc.
  • Printers: These include brands of HP, Samsung, Dell and Epson, etc.
  • Educational Devices and Equipment: For teachers and educational institutions, we have smart boards, projectors, projector holders and document cameras
  • Communication Equipment: We even offer the latest and most technologically advanced smart-phones that cater to our customers’ communication needs.

Our products belong to some of the most in vogue and popular tech brands of today. These include Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus, Western Digital, Seagate, TP-Link, CISCO, Microtik, UBNT, Cable Free, Trango systems, ESET and AVG Antivirus, Bit-defender and many more.


  • Dedicated Internet Service

    Public IP

    Private IP

    PRTG Monitoring Interface


  • Home Internet Service

    High speed Broadband internet services


    Sharebox for high speed localsharing variable kinds of files such as Movies, PC programs, and applications etc

    Online Games server

  • Intranet Services

    Wireless, Fiber and airfiberdistant sites intranetconnection in all thecovered regions in Iraq

    Network Design

    Lan / WAN solutions


    L1 VPN over Al Hayat Metro network

    L2 secure MPLS VPN connectsa branches of a work place to the HQ with fast, secure and reliable connection

    L3 IP-VPN

  • VOIP Service

  • Transit

  • FTTx

  • Hosting Service


  • Dedicated Internet Service

    Public IP

    Private IP

    PRTG Monitoring Interface

  • Shared Internet Service

    Public IP

    Private IP

    PRTG Monitoring Interface

  • VOIP Service

  • Hosting Service


  • Access Control Systems

    Tyco Control system

  • CCTV Systems

    Bosch CCTV

    Samsung CCTV


  • Fire Alarm Systems

    Bosch Fire Alarm system

    Honeywell Fire Alarm system

  • Public Address Systems (PAGA)

    Bosch PAGA system

    Ziztil PAGA system

  • Electronic Signature

  • VehicleTracking system

  • Parking an Traffic systems

  • VehicleScreening System


  • Network Equipment

    Routers & Switches


    Fiber & Lan Cables

    Wire and Wireless Devices

    Fiber splysing machines

    OTDR Testing Devices

  • Laptop & Desktop





  • Printers





  • Equcational Devices & Equipment

    Smart Boards


    Projector Holders

    Document Camera

  • Communication Equipment

    Smart Phones