20% Vat discount to FTTH subscribers
According to the directives of the Iraqi Ministry of Communications, as of December 1, the 20% sales tax on subscription prices will be abolished.

AL-Hayat 13 Anniversary
Our company celebrates the thirteenth anniversary of the founding of Al-Hayat Company for Internet and Communication Services, and with all the meanings of love and appreciation, we extend our sincere thanks to you, the best of those who performed the work and achieved the goals, and here you are today standing on the cusp of success, whoever works with all this effort and sincerity deserves to be among the distinguished

AL-Hayat Company 10 Years Anniversary
 Our company celebrates 10 years since its establishment
10 years of success and customer service

AL-Hayat Company invited to Visit intersec 2019 Security Global Fair – Dubai
our company always looking for best brands and professional IT and security companies to deal with .
futures and performances is required to provide best equipment to home , office and companies .

Al-Hayat is authorized as an official Silver Partner by Lenovo for selling the company equipment’s

In the past three years, Al-Hayat has a great reputation for selling Lenovo genuine spare parts and equipment’s.

Against that the great company (Lenovo) had given and authorize Al-Hayat for three continuing successful years 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Al-Hayat is authorized to practice providing of the internet processing services in Iraq (ISP) by Communication & Media Committee (CMC)

((A huge step forward to successful future))

Al-Hayat company is now an official registered internet service provider (ISP) licensed from the Communication & Media Committee (CMC).

AL-Hayat Company invited to Visit intersec 2018 Security Global Fair – Dubai

Al-Hayat is authorized to sell, trade, install and maintain space communications equipment and systems (VSAT) by Communication & Media Committee (CMC)

((A new way for communicating))

After all these situations that our beloved country Iraq has been through since past years for slow internet service, and for catching the new technology world-wide.

Al-Hayat company has submitted a request to Communication & Media Committee to authorize her for sell, trade, install and maintain space communications equipment and systems (VSAT), this request come with successful agree the last.

And now Al-Hayat is official authorized for (VSAT) services.

AL-Hayat Company invited to Visit intersec 2017 Security Global Fair – Dubai

Al-Hayat signed (Notification of Partnership) with HP as an authorized distributor agent for selling HP equipment’s:

In compliance with market requirements for genuine parts and equipment’s and from official well-known names companies,

Al-Hayat signed a (Notification of Partnership) with HP (name goes without definition), the last authorize Al-Hayat as an official distruster agent for HP equipment here in Iraq.


Our participation in the Baghdad International Fair
Hayat companies participated in the Baghdad International Fair, the 43rd place on 1 to 11/10/2016 on the wing of the Ministry of Post and Communications keep pace with the development in the field of technology and networks the company has received a large turnout by the citizens and visitors of the exhibition was to explain the nature of the company’s services in a professional manner by relevant officials and officials of the wing and answer all questions and inquiries  to be a lot of satellite offices and the media has done interviews with the staff of our company
Our company also privileged to visit some officials and ministers like Mr. Director General of the General Services Company International Network and Mr. Attorney General and the Director of the Minister of Commerce and other dignitaries

Al-Hayat singed (Passing Contract International Capacities) with Iraqi Telecommunication & Post Company:

Al-Hayat company for internet and communication LTD, a well-known company for providing the internet all over Iraq.

Now signed a (Passing Contract International Capacities) with the Iraqi Telecommunication & Post Company ITPC,

The contract is a frame agreement that the ITPC has signed to agree that Al-Hayat company can use the national company infrastructure to pass its international capacity through this network.


Our Company Sign Contract with ITPC for official local and ports operations

Al-Hayat is authorized by ISO & OHSAS and get certificate for quality :

((Great work, means great quality))

Al-Hayat has been assessed and certified by QMS Global as confirming to the requirements of:

ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & OHSAS 18001:2007.

This certificate in applicable to:

Engineering, furnishing, installing and testing state of the art information technology, communications and business automation systems and equipment for commercial, industrial and governmental clients.


Our Company Contract with SCIS to be one of the official ISP in IRAQ


Hayat Company invited in GITEX Global Fair and contract with cable-free company to supply wireless equipment


Our company became one of the official authorized ISP in IRAQ


Hayat Company invited in GITEX Global Fair